What about reality??

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Remember that role play and fantasy should be used as a “sex toy” for your relationship. Not a crutch. If you rely too much on fantasy scenarios being your reason for attraction, your partner will quickly become uncomfortable with the idea of role playing. Use the scenarios in moderation and be sure they are mutually desired. Utilize time as yourselves for romantic evenings and build intimate connections without role play in conjunction with FANTASY WEEKENDS. This will keep you both assured that your connections are real and have meaningful growth. Talk openly about how your role play made you feel. Communicate your feelings about your experience. This vulnerable situation is an open invitation to making an intimate connection.
Here’s a few ideas for intimate time as a non role playing couple:

Work out together – bonding as partners for exercise is great for libido, heath and connection. Running together, lifting weights or attending a crossfit or yoga class will give you both time to encourage each other and feel good together. Finish your workout off with a hot shower together.

Date night – be sure to continue the courtship as yourselves and not just as fantasy characters. Take your partner out on a date and dress up nice. Comedy club, Cirque de Soleil, anything for a night out as each other. TIP: subscribe to socialshopper.com for great deals on hotels and tickets to date nights.

Travel or holiday – Living on a budget can make every decision you make a team effort. In contrast, spoiling yourselves can make indulgence your itinerary. Try camping together and reading book out loud together each night in the tent. If room service sounds more likely, shut the blinds and give your lover a personal massage as if you are part of the hotel service.