A Sexy Halloween Costume for Couples

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Sexy Halloween costume

Pumpkin spice and everything nice…

October is a wonderful month in many ways.  The memories of summer are still abound yet transition into winter is also around the corner.  The changing of the seasons slowly signals what lies ahead. Our brains begin to chime in new emotions that make us desire things like comfort, companionship, love and connection.  These emotions help us survive the cold winter ahead.  Statistically speaking, more babies are born 9 months from now.  This is a reflection of our primitive instincts to seek connection around this time of year.  It makes perfect sense that October is also National Kink Month.

Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to embellish our sexuality.  Halloween costumes allow us to reconnect with our childhood imagination and role play as an adult.  It’s no wonder that Halloween is so popular among couples looking to spice up their sex lives for a night.  If a sexy Halloween costume is on your shopping list this year, you are not alone.  Every year companies like Yandy and LingerieDiva sell sexy Halloween costume to men and woman around the globe.  Maybe you and your lover are looking for a new connection to break the routine.  There are millions of couples who spice up their sexual connection on Halloween.  A fun new way for couples to connect sexually this Halloween is to download a free sexual fantasy from www.fantasyweekends.ca.


Still looking for a sexy Halloween costume?

If you’re having trouble deciding on a single costume that you wear once a year, you might want to try “50 Ways To Seduce A Lover”.  A fantasy scenario between Jon Lover and a select group of call girls.  Each girl is presented to Jon dressed in her unique lingerie costume.  It’s a sure fire way to feel extra sexy with your partner this Halloween.  A short and easy to follow PDF will explain the scenario and characters.  Choose from 10 different call girl personalities to present to Jon one at a time.

By using our fantasy scenario, couples don’t have to reveal their personal desires right away or guess what the other wants.  Simply play out the fantasy and let your sexual preferences come to light mutually.  Couples can evolve new fantasies together as a loving and supportive item.  Sharing this new experience together opens a channel for creating emotional bonds and sexual calibration.  Each call girl that Jon is introduced to at this event will be the baseline character for your future FANTASY WEEKENDS.  Or maybe you just want something fun to do on Halloween night.  Fantasy Weekends wants to help you experience new connections with your lover. With a little preparation, “50 Ways To Seduce A Lover”, can produce a sexy Halloween costume ten times over!

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