Self-Confidence – 10 Relationship Problems Solved With Role Play

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The tenth and final installment of the relationship series ends with how Self-Confidence is gained thru role play scenarios.


Using Roles To Gain Self-Confidence

When a partner is asked to role play, they might feel anxious that they won’t be sexy enough. They fear they could end up being inadequate to perform like a fantasy character. Being explicit with your body is something you may be shy about. Just remember that far lesser people have felt sexier than you. It’s a state of mind. If you feel sexy, your lover will recognize this which heightens sexual energy.  If you’re shy about your body then make sure to keep your costumes and character to a level that’s comfortable for you. As you become more comfortable with role play, your experience with roles will be milestones in gaining Self-Confidence.

Assuming a role that you can act confidently in allows you to you to sample something new. You will be sharing your own free therapy session of becoming a more confident person. Just as the young child is a make believe doctor saving lives. You are both essentially sampling something that is out of reach. We are genetically hardwired to seek pleasure within the realm of the unattainable. This key development early in our lives is what makes us constantly evolve into something better. Without our desire to be something more, we would not progress forward. The same can be said for your relationship. Couples who share fantasy tend to have more solid and satisfying relationships. Experimenting with fictional characters will boost your Self-Confidence and ability to develop something new.

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If you enjoyed our advice so far, you’ll love what we have in store for you next. Avoid the awkward mishaps of role playing your personal fantasies for the first time.  Our series of insightful scenarios and characters is a fun way for couples to learn about role play together.  A FANTASY WEEKEND PACKAGE is the perfect way to turn a weekend into an intimate escape. Fantasy Weekends will break the ice and make your explorations fun and creative and emotionally connected.  Men and women tend to have different fantasies.  Women generally fantasize about romance and connection, while men’s fantasies are more explicit and seductive.  Using this generalization, we’ve developed Fantasy Fridays to be focused on romance, connection, and mystery. While Seduction Saturdays are a series of tempting encounters between a wealthy client “Jon Lover” and his call girls.  Each Fantasy scenario is carefully written to involve not only the physical attraction between you and your partner but a mental connection as well.  We take you on a journey of chance encounters, spontaneous role play as well as planned foreplay.  Everyone fantasizes but no one knows how to bring it into the open or be supportive about it.



Just download one of our scripts and play out a fantasy to see what level of arousal you experienced.  Then fill out the post-event survey and share your results with your partner.  Together you will learn what roles and scenarios best suit you as a couple.






Voila, you’ve just uncorked the bottle of Red Magic potion and it’s not just your sex life that will deepen with satisfaction.   Communication, understanding and bonded trust and mutual connection are all side effects of couples role play that carry over into your personal relationship too.