Premature Ejaculation – 10 Relationship Problems Solved With Role Play

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couple-premature ejaculationThis is one of the most common sexual problems that men face in their lifetime.  While the direct cause and exact treatment is still not well understood, there are well-known ways to battle the condition.  Among all the methods, foreplay remains the most effective way of deterring an unsatisfying and abrupt end to your sexual encounters.  A sexual fantasy is an excellent way to add arousing foreplay to prolong the experience.  Here’s how role play will benefit the sexual experience.

  1. It can increase her arousal level- A man’s state of arousal generally lies in the visual realm. A woman’s, however, will become more aroused when her brain is actively involved in the exchange.  Romance, connection, and interaction are all powerful ways to increase a woman’s level of excitement.  Using fantasy scenarios are a fast track method to arousing a woman to a state that’s on par with her man.  Many women also comment that they get aroused just by knowing that they are arousing their partner.  And that’s why lingerie is so effective at getting men and women in the mood.  The visuals stimulate one partner and seeing this stimulates the other.  Wearing sexy lingerie can generate sexual energy from two different perspectives.
  2. Reduce performance anxiety –Because premature ejaculation is associated with infrequent sex, men with a low frequency of sex often get extra excited and aroused, which can manifest as performance anxiety. Role play can bring about an increase in your sexual frequency.  A well-planned scenario can create an environment that allows you to remain calm and relaxed.  Focusing on the role will help to put at ease the task of performing physically and reduce anxiety.
  3. Extend Foreplay –This is easy. Adding foreplay to sex takes the pressure away from having staying power.  Less intercourse and more playtime is key to delaying his orgasm and enticing hers.  Foreplay is known to increase sexual desire for both parties.  This balanced playing field can alleviate Performance anxiety and stall premature ejaculation

If you drink alcohol, then definitely consider adding some drinks.  We’ve all heard the term “whiskey dick.” It’s no secret that alcohol can reduce your ability to perform sexually.  If you are careful not to overdue the use of alcohol in your scenario, the effects of a few drinks can dramatically counteract premature ejaculation.


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