Plan A Fantasy Weekend Together

    Now that you and your partner have talked openly about sharing a fantasy together, it’s time to set a date and prepare for the event.

    Hotel rooms are the primary choice for a sexy rendezvous.  They can also be at home or at a vacation resort.  Even a cruise ship.  As long as the location you choose is sure to be comfortable and private enough for you to act out your roles.  You must also keep in mind what it is you will be doing when you are not role-playing.  

    Our best FANTASY WEEKENDS were enjoyed as mini staycations away from the house.  By booking hotel suites in our local area, we were able to enjoy the hotel experience without all the travelling expenses.  Our local area is Whistler BC, so we were wise and booked our staycation during the shoulder seasons.  Restaurants and hotels usually have promotional offers during the shoulder season.  For role-playing couples, a discounted hotel room with dinner and spa coupons is exactly what you’re looking for.  The icing on the cake is that Halloween happens to be during the shoulder season.  October 31 (or around then) is by far, the most popular day of the year for trying role play.  Closely followed by Valentine’s Day.  
    Wherever you choose to go, try to take advantage of the surroundings and create opportunities to share and connect.  Use the time in-between role-play to do something bonding.  This includes going out for meals, shopping together, taking a tour, walking the park, and so much more.  Using this in-between time as an emotional bid of connection will do two things for you.  It will stimulate your sexual desire during the day and leave you more sexually charged for the evening, and it will distract you about the details of your preparations for the night.  Clearing your mind from all these thoughts will make the fantasy experience seem more exhilarating and fresh.  
    Here’s a good tip for finding great deals on hotels and activities.  We used a website called to book hotel rooms, dinners, concert events, and a whole variety of activity discounts.  Another example of this is 
    Ok so, now that you have a hotel booked, a couples spa day planned, and dinner reservations, you’re both ready to focus on planning out the actual role play fantasy.

    Need a scenario?  Try this… Blind Date