Nagging – 10 Relationship Problems Solved With Role Play

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Part 7 reveals another common challenge that couples face in day to day life, nagging

Don’t let routine disappointment take you hostage

Couple nagging

Nagging is also deemed as the “marriage killer.”  It is a common symptom of the day to day life between couples.  Nagging’s toxic property is due to the spiral effect of receiving resentment from your partner, and then feeling and sending resentment back.  This unwanted tennis match commonly carries on until the relationship folds.  To resolve nagging in a relationship, couples will want to discover new positive ways of communicating.  An approach to talking openly is the first step to working together.  Most couples will try next to make a compromise for the other.  This is not a win for either of you and feels like a far cry from intimate connection.  A more “intimate friendly” answer is thru discovering an appreciation for one another.


Learn To Appreciate Your Partner Instead

Appreciation is the exact opposite of resentment.  When you feel appreciation for your partner, it’s a tennis match that feels good to play.  Wanting to be an equal player, you’ll feel more inclined to return the feelings of gratitude by any way possible.  And a spiral that goes up is much better.

couple-blindfoldedEngaging in a sexual fantasy with your partner reinforces trust and attachment in a way that is unique to others.  When communication and co-operation lead to a deeper sexual or emotional connection, that in return creates an appreciation for another.  Participating in fantasy is not just an act of physical satisfaction, it’s a gift that you can give to your partner.  The dopamine and oxytocin produced during lovemaking are the same powerful hormones that were produced when you were initially attracted to each other.  These magnetizing feelings, aka “cuddle hormones” are just the juices needed to keep a relationship running smoothly.

Using role play to grow together builds a foundation of intimacy, that is grounding and affirming.  With something solid to stand upon, each partner will be more invested in one another.  The little things are more easily overcome.  Studies have shown that healthy relationships generally have sexual connections included alongside an emotional connection. – Why Nagging Doesn’t Work

The Huffington Post – Is Nagging Worse For Your Marriage Than Cheating?

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