Climax – 10 Relationship Problems Solved With Role Play

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…The series continues with part 5 and the mysterious climax…

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How many couples who are asked about when they had great sex together, refer to the earlier days? It actually makes a lot of sense why the earlier times together held more passion and stimulating sex.  When you are in a new relationship, there is a vast amount of mystery and surprise you encounter.  Things are more unassuming and therefore more stimulating.  When you had your first kiss, there was a tingle and rush that is very hard to replicate over and over again.  The mystery and suspense that filled your brain before the kiss slowly becomes replaced by assumption as the same kiss is repeated over the many years.  What so many couples do not realize is that during early days of great sex, they were stimulating more than one sexual organ.  Believe it or not, our brain is the biggest, most powerful sexual organ.  Over the years, it gets neglected more and more.  This leaves the sexual response to rely on stimulating the genitals only for sex.  Naturally, climax is harder to come by without being mentally aroused.  There is really no greater aphrodisiac than a sexual thought.  Don’t be discouraged if sexual thoughts aren’t your thing.  Many people who rarely have sexual urges but engage in foreplay anyways quickly discover that turning on their spouse is arousing in itself.  Win-win.  Being mentally aroused will greatly increase your sexual state and enhance your encounter with your partner.

The electrifying quality that role play brings to the bedroom all boils down to the simple truth that we are stimulating our minds as well as our genitals.  Good role play incorporates anticipation, improvisation, and surprize.  Fabricated scenarios are great ways to escape the  expected roles we’ve already seen.  Lovers can use the roles to become uninhabited and unassuming.  We start producing feel good hormones and neurochemicals which inspire bonding emotions of attachment and affection. The mental foreplay combined with the visual pleasantries are a fast track to finding the mind blowing sex you once knew.  Maybe you haven’t even experienced it yet.  Experimenting with your foreplay and fantasies will reveal to you things you may not even be aware of yet.  Discovering what turns each other is not only incredibly fun, it will calibrate your sexual preferences together.  Soon your sex will be a custom crafted partnership of your own personal details to arousal.  When a couple uses role play with sex, new toys and positions are more easily introduced.  This allows you to explore new and improved way to climax.  One study of 212 married women found that sex fantasies help many women achieve sexual arousal and/or orgasm during sexual intercourse. [p416 Human Sexuality (fifth edition)]

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