Intimacy – 10 Relationship Problems Solved With Role Play

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Part 3 of 10 focuses on how sexual connections set your relationship apart from others and bonds you emotionally.  This connection is a unique form of intimacy.


Long term relationships will teach you that intimacy is more than just sex. And that sex needs to be more than just a physical connection to be satisfying.  Intimacy is one of the major ingredients that builds a solid foundation for couples to stand together on.  When the relationship is under stress, it is the bonds and connections we’ve shared that give us the support we need to stay committed.  Without an emotional foundation to stand upon, we become at risk of falling away into separation.  When the relationship is new, sexual excitement mimics intimacy and couples can easily feel connected.  As time moves on, sexual excitement merges into a private understanding of our partner I believe is called intimacy. It is the collaboration of emotional and sexual connections that set your relationship apart from others that define your intimacy.  Sexual connection is well known to be a form of emotional connection when love and trust are involved.  Participating in a shared fantasy is a unique and fresh way to bring love and trust into sex and connection. We all have our own unique terms that contribute to our level of arousal.  Some of you may not even have discovered all them for yourself yet.  It’s a very discrete subject.

Revealing and exploring this subject with your loved one will form a bond of trust and understanding that no one else shares.  Confiding in a sexual fantasy requires understanding and emotional support from your partner.  Couples who can experiment with sexual role play will gain insight on their sexual selves and their relationship as a couple.  Acting out your partner’s sexual fantasies makes you a more trusted and satisfying partner.  Not just in the bedroom either.  This newfound cooperation will carry well into the rest of the relationship.  Partners who are satisfied with each other will happily return the gratitude wither it’s in the bedroom, around the house or with the family.  Knowing that you have a partner that understands and supports your sexual fantasies is a very satisfying thing.

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