Infidelity – 10 Relationship Problems Solved With Role Play

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The series continues with part 4 Infidelity.


Most couples who have experienced infidelity in their relationship will tell you that recovering from it was the hardest challenge they have ever accomplished. Very commonly, someone who has cheated on their partner ends up regretting it shortly after.  Their moment of weakness realized after a long and steady sexual rut between them has left one of them either putting emotional energy into someone else or just letting the concrete foundation of commitment slip out from under them.  Without an emotional and sexual connection with your lover, the odds of infidelity increase.

Of course, everyone at some time or another will find other people entering their sexual fantasies.  Experiencing occasional arousal from illicit fantasies is okay.  Having a solid intimate connection with your lover is what makes the difference between a fantasy and infidelity.

Couples who participate in each other’s sexual fantasies involves communicating, trust and understanding, growth and connection.  These relationship dynamics are fundamental to surviving the long term.  Role play teaches you how to embrace these dynamics, and together you will learn to become a more trusted and satisfying partner.  Most couples reserve their sexual fantasies for a person other than their lover.  Mystery and taboo may be compelling reasons for other people in your fantasy.

But don’t be surprised if you soon find yourself fantasizing about your own lover.  After all, there is nothing more satisfying than having a partner who is not only the love of your life but also the object of your fantasies.  Couples who can include communication and connection as part of the daily life will sense safety and trust in each other.  And that is where the foundation of intimate connection is built.

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