The Benefits of Fantasy In Any Relationship

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The Benefits of Fantasy In Any Relationship

Fantasy is defined by “the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbably.”

Fantasy isn’t just for kids, who pretend they’re princesses and knights in some fairytale story. Nowadays, fantasy is everywhere – from sci-fi movies to fictional works like “Game of Thrones” and video games. Fantasy allows us to pretend to be someone or something else for a few moments of time before we have to deal with the real world.

And fantasy isn’t just a way to escape your everyday, mundane being – it’s a way to help enhance your life by taking a break from the norm. It allows you to use your imagination to be transported to a different time or era via video games, movies, TV, books and other activities. But fantasy can also be very beneficial to one’s sex life and help improve one’s relationship. It can help couples in a relationship rut spice things up and reignite the fire and passion in between the sheets. Fantasy is more than just role playing, dressing up in customers or pretending to be something else while in bed – it’s a way to get closer together and reconnect in the bedroom.

Fantasy in between the sheets can entail a lot of things and can even be as simple as using sex toys. And when it comes to sex toys, the category is vast. Although many stick to simply using a vibrator, dildo or something else, the category seems small and the options limited. But if you think about it, there are a lot of things one could choose when it comes to toys.

As long as the toy helps you climax, makes you feel good and helps connect you sexually with your partner, it’s a great tool in the bedroom. But it also connects your relationship to a stronger, more intimate level, making your lover a more trusted and satisfying partner since it’s part of what sexual fantasy is all about. It allows you to be vocal about what you want and how you want, while roleplaying and adding some fantasy to the mix.

Why Fantasy Is Important

We have sexual fantasy encounters all the time and don’t even realize it. When you send a sext to your partner, flirt with them in an email, or talk dirty to them, you’re engaging in a sexual fantasy with them. A sexual fantasy is anything that amplifies one’s arousal and can enhance orgasm for either partner. Despite what many think, our brains are actually a huge sexual organ and can make all the difference when climaxing. Because not many refer to their brain as a sexual organ, the purely relay on their genitals for stimulation and pay no attention to developing a sexual imagination together. But when couples engage their brains and play out or talk about fantasies, their brains are getting aroused just as much as their genitals, resulting in a stronger orgasm.

When we use our brains for sexual fantasies, we’re actually experimenting with various sexual experiences in a safe manner. It allows couples to talk about what type of sexual encounters they’d like to have, even if it never becomes reality. Women are great at stimulating their brain sexually to increase the chances of orgasm since sometimes pure physical stimulation alone can’t allow them to reach climax. A sexual thought or fantasy can really enhance one’s sexually aroused state and enhance their sexual encounter with their partner. For many, having some sort of sexual fantasy combined with physical stimulation is the only way to be achieve sexual satisfaction.

When a new relationship exists the honeymoon phase, sex can become a routine and boring, especially after you’ve been with the same person for years. Sex isn’t the same and can often become a chore, which is where fantasy helps spic things up. One must think of new ways to get that seductive excitement back and role-playing, a new position and new toys can definitely do the trick.

Fantasy in the bedroom can be achieved through a number of things. Couples can talk about their sexual fantasies with each other during pillow talk to get aroused or they can go one step further and try to bring that fantasy alive in a safe environment by dressing up and role playing with each other. This can be something as easy and simple as wearing seductive lingerie or dressing up in costumes to play out some sexual fantasy one partner has. This type of sexual fantasy can lead to better sex and reignite passion into the relationship. It can create new erotic energy between a couple, and further enhance their intimacy. Sex is no longer something that is routine and is exciting all over again – just like it was in the honeymoon phase of the relationship.

How To Share Your Fantasies With Your Partner

Although having sexual fantasies can enhance and benefit one’s relationship with their partner or spouse, many don’t always find it easy to communicate them. They are either too shy to talk about them, too ashamed or embarrassed of what the other might think or don’t believe it will do anything for their relationship. Instead of speaking up and sharing their fantasies, many would rather stay quiet and have a mundane sex life.

But you shouldn’t let your fears stop you from talking about your sexual fantasies with your partner. Although you might be met with some reluctance or refusal, when you open the dialogue regarding sexual fantasies, you can start talking about things both of you wouldn’t mind engaging in even if it is not what you initially wanted. Who knows, your partner can in turn open up to you about their sexual fantasies and you can compromise on some middle ground!

To bring up the subject, try to find the right time to talk about it and choose a way that feels safe to you. It might be during a movie that you’re watching if you want to try something similar or commenting on an erotic book you’ve just read. Or maybe you’d rather talk about it as you’re getting ready for sex to see where the conversation leads. Whatever the case, choose a time and place that makes you feel comfortable so that you’re not feeling stressed or anxious.

Make sure you ask your partner that they hear you out and that they refrain from judgment until you’ve fully explained your fantasy and why you think it will benefit your relationship. Explain how you’re feeling about your sexual life and how important it is that they participate in the fantasy with you. Mention how you find them sexy and want them to be a part of your sexual arousal, as well as how you feel safe talking about your deepest desires with them.

So don’t be afraid to talk about your sexual fantasies with your partner and don’t feel ashamed to have them. Fantasy in the bedroom can really enhance your relationship and bring the excitement back to sex. It’ll help you reconnect with your partner and will bring about more sexual arousal for the both of you!