Why Role Play? – 10 Relationship Problems Solved With Role Play

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10 Relationship Problems


Part 1 of the 10 part series of relationship advice for long-term couples.


Why Role play?

It happens in any relationship.  Eventually, our love lives fall into a routine, and the magical mystery that once made you tingle when you were together has faded away in the passing of time. That’s OK. You can’t have magic every day. The trouble that most couples deal with, however, is trying to call the magic back once the years have passed. Bringing the routine out of your sex life can be harder than you think. After all, if the rest of our life remains routine, how can the sex life change? More and more, couples are finding out that without a satisfying sex life, the relationship can slowly erode. A frustrated partner is far less likely to communicate openly and intimately about their emotions. A couple that can talk less openly will feel less connected to each other. And the steady erosion of their partnership continues to dismantle.

Other couples may not call themselves sexually frustrated, but just… plateaued. A sexual plateau will not necessarily be toxic to the relationship, but it can weaken the commitment to each other. While many couples can live out their relationship in a sexual plateau, I’m here to tell you that your electrifying sexual experiences are just ahead of you. Best of all, your wildest sexual fantasies are waiting for you to explore, all in the safety of your loving relationship.
If you follow any blogs on relationship advice, you’ve probably read more than one article on how fantasy and role play brings electricity to sex. Thanks to “50 Shades of Grey” the secret is out, and couples are more and more becoming curious and comfortable with a little kink in their sexuality. Role play not only helps to add kink to your love life, but it can also add the “connect” to your sex. Using fictional characters and unlikely scenarios open the gates of your imagination to creatively make a connection with your lover that you would not have experienced in your routine life.

These connections light up our most powerful sex organs we have, our brain. There is no more powerful aphrodisiac than our brains. Routine sex relies little on mental activity and mostly on physical stimuli. Without the emotional side of sex, climax can be hard reaching. Fantasy or not, your sexual encounters will carry into your real life as an emotional bond. Couples will experience a dramatically improved satisfaction in their partnership. One that communicates intimately cooperates as a team and is once again magnetizing to each other.

Experts advise on role play


10 Relationship Problems

Why Role Play

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