FANTASY WEEKENDS Presents: Candy Crush – A Valentine’s Day Gift

    Valentine's Day Gift

    A Valentine’s Day Gift That Is Sweet And Seductive

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we know how many of you are still wondering what kind of fun and thoughtful ways you can celebrate this special day.  We have been busy coming up with something extra special for you.  Use this scenario as your Valentine’s Day Gift to your lover.

    Candy has a sweet surprise for Jon this Valentine’s Day. What better girl to spend Valentines Day with than a girl named Candy. Her pink clothes, flavored lip gloss, and sensual attitude are just the recipe to satisfy Jon’s sweet tooth.

    What you’ll need:

    Flavored lip gloss

    1 can of whipped cream

    Candy sprinkles

    1 small bottle of specialty liquor (your choice, i.e. chocolate raspberry)

    Some menthol hard candies (can be peppermint or similar)



    Shop Candy’s outfits here: