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And deal with these 10 relationship problems

Relationship Problems

 all at once.

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Do you desire:

a stronger connection with your lover

more romantic date nights

more connected sex

more exciting foreplay

more emotionally charged sex

more trust and understanding for each other

relationship intimacy





The Fantasy Playbook is your road map to creating intimate connection and sexual energy with your spouse.


  • Specifically designed for long-term monogamous couples
  • focused helping couples reignite their passion.
  • discover new insight into each other’s emotional needs
  • calibrate your sexual desire










Complete the Fantasy Playbook Series



Fantasy Playbook

With this instant download you’ll experience:

  • 20 different sexual fantasy scenarios for role play and connection
  • 10 unique roles
  • sexual positions, foreplay games, and fantasy scenarios
  • 10 unique weekends of role play sex.








One weekend at a time


Fantasy Playbook

Fantasy Playbook


You can plan a FANTASY WEEKEND anywhere you like.  Book a fancy hotel room, resort destination, boat cruise or just a local hotel staycation.  The location possibilities for this sexy rendezvous is vast.  So pack your lingerie and makeup, it’s FANTASY FRIDAY and things are getting flirty.  These roles are connecting for the first time and getting to know each other romantically.

The fantasy experiences of client Jon Lover and his call girls are SEDUCTION SATURDAY‘s erotic tour of foreplay and seduction.













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